A Look Into Our Kids Imaginations

Perhaps one of the best gifts of childhood is endless curiosity and a vibrant imagination. All kids have different thoughts, ways of self expression, and imagination. Today, we want to share some of our tips for nurturing your precious child’s imagination and allowing their creativity to flourish. 

Not only is imagination and curiosity a crucial part of childhood, it transfers directly into adolescence and adulthood as well. As our children are continuing to grow and learn from the world around them, fostering creativity and allowing/teaching our kids to think outside the box will not only set them up for short term success in childhood but will allow them to continue to nurture those skills as they age and mature. Creative thinking is an important part of not only a playful imagination but of real life scenarios like school, work, and general life. 

Before you know it your toddler will no longer be a toddler. As children sprout during this period and seem to grow overnight, this is the prime age to really allow your child to focus on their creativity while their imagination is at a peak inspired by the world and people around them. To encourage your child’s imagination and creativity while still guiding them in a direction for success here are some tips below you can reference: 

Active Vs Passive

As any other skill, imagination and creativity require work. Now we dont mean you need to force your child in one direction or the other. We mean encouraging active behavior. Allowing your child to engage with new concepts, new ideas, new surroundings. Ask them questions, guide them to think deeper or longer on certain ideas, and lead guiding discussions that allow your child to engage and connect with their own thoughts and ideas. 

Encourage Choices

The great thing about creativity and imagination is that it is unique to each child. While your child is learning to navigate the world, ideas, and concepts encourage them to make their own choices and develop their own thoughts. Allowing your child to think for themselves in situations that are safe and prompt decisions will promote control. As they begin to make decisions for themselves these decisions will soon align with their own personal creativity and imagination. 

Get Colorful

Kids are messy. When it comes to imagination, mess is the bread and butter. Allowing your children to hone in their creative energy via toys, games, instruments, etc. Of course, safety is of the utmost priority when it comes to our children, but allowing your child to explore new techniques of using things such as markers, play dough, etc will allow them to tap into their creative side while discovering what hobbies they enjoy.

Let It Flow

Energy is meant to be a free flowing force, and that includes your child’s own creative energy. In this period where your infant, toddler, etc is learning to think and make decisions by themselves do not hinder this period of growth by making decisions on their behalf of forcing interests/hobbies. Instead, allow your child to engage where they are interested and recognize not to push them in the areas that they are not. The creative mind is one to be treasured, and you want your child to enjoy participating in creative activity. 

Be An Inspiration

Last but not least, hone in on your own creativity. While you are watching your little one and admired by their enthusiasm for life and constant creativity, remember your creative outlets and engage in activities that bring you that same joy. When your child sees you engaging in meaningful tasks, they will in turn begin to discover their own creative desires. Foster their imagination in a meaningful way, teaching them and showing them along the way while still keeping in mind that they should be free to make their own decisions. 

Creative minds are an extraordinary thing, no matter how big or small. Oftentimes we are inspired by the simplicity to which children look at the world and their constant desire to learn and explore new concepts, ideas, and activities. As your child continues on their journey of growth, be their biggest cheerleader, engage with them ,and encourage them to be the best version of themselves while you watch their imagination flourish.