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Child Counseling in Denver: Finding a Counselor for Kids

Child therapists are trained professionals that help children understand what is going on in their minds and bodies in a stress-free way. When it comes to securing counseling for your child, making sure your little one’s thoughts and feelings are in the hands of a trained child counselor will allow your child to navigate their feelings in a positive way.

What is Child Counseling?

Child counseling is a type of therapy for young children to help them cope with traumas and stressful environments through behavioral therapy. Many issues children face are a result of tendencies in their everyday lives including past traumas, dysfunctional environments, and problems at school or home.

With the help of a child therapist, children can break down their problems into bite size pieces and learn coping techniques to help them manage these issues in a non-stressful way.

The main goal of childhood counseling is to provide both you and your child with helpful tools to deal with issues of both mental and physical health in a productive way. These tools and techniques will help your child navigate feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and dejection and allow them to overcome these issues in a constructive fashion. Childhood counselors are experts in recognizing, identifying, diagnosing, and treating a number of mental and physical conditions experienced by children.

Signs Your Child Needs Counseling

Children cope with things very differently than adolescents and teens. Some signs to look for in your child’s mental wellbeing include anxiety, depression, anger, or grief. Identifying these signs early may allow you to get your child the help they need sooner rather than later and provide them with helpful coping mechanisms for the future.

When a child is suffering from any sort of trauma, it can be hard to cope with, and that is where a childhood counselor comes into play. By identifying the underlying issues, a child therapist can help your child understand the mental and psychological issues they are experiencing and work together towards coming up with coping mechanisms. 

Oftentimes if a child is experiencing the result of a trauma or bullying they will not share these feelings with their parents. Childhood counselors act as a friend and guide outside of the home to help children better interpret the issues they are experiencing in a way that makes sense. 

If you notice a sudden shift in your child’s behavior, you should schedule a consultation with a child therapist near you for an in-depth assessment. As a parent you play a crucial role in the wellbeing of your child, and by simply observing their mental and physical health daily you can keep up to speed with what is going on.

What Issues Do Child Counselors Treat?

As mental health professionals, child counselors treat a number of social and emotional issues. Some common issues treated in child therapy include:

  • Death of a loved one, parent, sibling, pet, etc
  • Bullying
  • Sexual, emotional, or physical abuse
  • Substance abuse or addiction in family members
  • Witnessing traumatic events
  • Divorce
  • Mental health issues (anxiety, depression, etc)

Childhood counseling doesn’t always have to be the result of trauma. This kind of behavioral therapy can be useful to children that are experiencing social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder. All of these issues in children can be addressed with the help of a child therapist to work on best practices and get down to the root of the problem.

As a parent, the well-being of your child is everything. If you notice your child’s mental health taking a toll, temperament changing, or sudden developmental changes the best thing you can do is consult the help of a childhood counselor. At Audacious Therapy, we offer free consultations that will help your child navigate their feelings and learn to cope in a language that is familiar to them. To book your free consultation click here.

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