For children, play is the easiest way to express things.

It might show up in what they are playing with, their behaviors and their attitude. Using play in therapy removes the pressure from talking and frees kids up to share what they are thinking about and feeling through play.

Play therapy means counseling for kids that feels like fun, and helps them define their feelings and cope with everyday life in a positive way.

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Searching for Counseling for Kids in Denver? 

Welcome to Audacious Therapy.

How do I know if my child needs counseling?

You might be questioning whether your child could use therapy. While we can support your decision-making, it is truly one you need to feel comfortable with. Our mindfulness-based child counseling practice at Audacious Therapy meets you where you are at and makes sure that the process fits your family’s lifestyle. 

Can play therapy help my child?

Therapy with me will be fun, creative and will help your child understand his or her feelings, while moving past struggles and living with more confidence.

How do I begin therapy with you?

Taking that first step can often be the toughest, but I try to make the experience welcoming and natural. I offer a brief and complimentary consultation by phone if you are interesting in interviewing me before officially starting. Just click the button below.

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Claire Eliassen, LPC started the practice as she saw a need for children to have a place to nurture their mental health and wellness.

Claire is a mother and a licensed professional counselor specializing in counseling for kids, EMDR for trauma, play therapy and more. Read more about Claire here.

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