The “Rookie” Mom Handbook

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“Before you know it they’re all grown up”, says every mom ever. If you’re a mother you watch your littles grow up in front of your eyes everyday. You watch them learn, develop a personality, interests, and grow into a whole new person almost everyday.

Let’s be raw and real, being a mom can be exhausting. Of course you love your little one and helping them grow into the person they are going to become, but it’s not always the easiest job. Not only are you already trying your hardest to be the best mom, but you have pressure from society, friends, and family. Parenting is not a one size fits all, but it’s easy to lose sight when you have a world of opinions surrounding you. Just take a breath, take a step back, and realize that you’re doing everything just fine!

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Tired? Welcome to Parenthood.

Whether you have one child or four, parenting can be exhausting. As soon as you feel like you’ve achieved milestones, conquering a solid sleep schedule or finding the perfect lunch to pack them for school…BOOM parenting plotwist. As a parent you’re constantly working to find time for both you and your kids, not to mention societal pressures whispering in our ear. 

Let’s face it, as a parent you’ve been there before. As soon as you step into the outside world, you open yourself up to a world of opinions. 

“I would never let me child wear that”

“You really shouldn’t let your child eat that”

“Just wait until they go to middle school”

How are you ever supposed to feel ahead if the world is constantly making you feel like you’re behind?

You’re Doing Great Rookie Mom

You’ll never escape the opinions of the world, so you might as well stop trying. Motherhood takes some tough skin, from upset stomachs to food fights in the kitchen. Chances are you’ve already conquered a number of battles with your child and guess what..youre still standing!

Don’t let the opinions of others blur your vision of what’s important, being a mother. At the end of the day, all mothers are trying to be the best they can for their children. If you spend your time comparing yourself to other mothers you are taking away time you could be spending with your child. 

Rookie Mom vs Pro Mom (Are they actually the same? Hmmm!)

If you’re a rookie to motherhood, well we have a’re not! Every mother was at one point new to motherhood. That means they were new to figuring out a sleep and eating schedule, new to learning how to balance their work/personal life, and new to learning how to operate on 2 hours of sleep. It’s easy to look at a mom who’s balancing a newborn on her hip and walking her kindergartener to school and imagine she has it all together. By comparing you’re always going to fall short. 

Instead try to look at it from her POV! Maybe she got her kindergartener to school on time because she’s been up all night feeding her newborn and didn’t have time yet to sleep, or maybe the clean clothes they are wearing are actually the third set of clothes they’ve had to wear this morning.

Everyone’s journey through motherhood is different, but one fact remains the same. All new mothers are just that, NEW to motherhood – every one is a rookie mom at first. So go easy on yourself, everyone’s trying their best!

Plus, every now and then, take a minute to recognize an area where you aren’t a rookie anymore, or where you feel confident in your parenting. Everyone has areas where they shine, even if they “are” rookies. A final thought: Sometimes being a pro means knowing what you and your child specifically need or aren’t ready for. Or that you can’t actually do it all.

Enjoy Where You Are as a New Mom

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to motherhood is enjoying every step along the way, from newborn to teen. It’s okay to get nostalgic when you see a newborn and realize your baby is no longer a baby anymore. It’s okay to feel jealous of new mothers that get to spend every moment with their babies when yours are at school. Enjoy every step of it! You’re only a rookie mom once once and then less as you conquer each stage. If you trust the process, you’ll always be right on time for you and your kids and family. Feel and welcome all the emotions. The bond between you and your child is one of the most cherished relationships you’ll ever get so take the time to savor the ups and downs! 

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