Signs Your Adolescent Might Benefit from Counseling

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Becoming and being an adolescent is perhaps one of the most confusing periods of our lives. During this transitory phase, tensions are high, emotions are confusing, and well, life is hard to figure out. 

The truth is all kids have developed “issues” by the time they are 7 or so, or even younger. Whether those are mood swings or conflict among friends or family members, it’s important to recognize when those issues are taking a toll on your pre-teen and when to turn to help. 

Many individuals benefit from professional experience, and your child is no exception. If you think your teen may benefit from seeking advice or health from a healthcare professional, do not hesitate to call or schedule a visit. 

There is a wide range of issues that plague our pre-teens. If you and your child are exploring the idea of therapy, we want to share some common reasons why many adolescents go to therapy. 


It is normal to worry at times. However, when that worry or fear turns into crippling anxiety it may be time to consult the help of a professional. Some instances where your pre-teen may be experiencing anxiety is in classroom settings, social settings, and among friends. 

Many times, because they just don’t have much life experience yet, they often do not know how to act in social situations. Kids can become a “class clown” getting in trouble constantly for talking too much. Or, they can withdraw completely. With movies and media influencing our kids constantly too, they can learn about harmful behaviors, like cutting, which is always a sign that caregivers should seek professional counseling.


Mood swings and altered emotions are normal to experience during the pre-teen years. Lots of changes are taking place and at times they can be stressful or uncertain. However, if you notice your teen has slipped into an altered state where they are displaced, disinterested, and withdrawn it may be time to consider talking to a healthcare professional. 

Things to look for can be your adolescent showering less and looking unkempt. Or, the opposite; having an unhealthy obsession with their look. Depression can also show up in eating patterns. Similarly as with adults, we can eat too much or not enough, either one becoming unhealthy ways of dealing with emotions. Caregivers can also look at pattern changes, like grades slipping, and circles of friends changing. 

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a widespread issue. As social pressures take place during the pre-teen years, unfortunately some kids develop bad habits and those habits can turn into long term issues. Whether it stems from a need to cope, or social pressure. If you have noticed your teen is using and misusing substance abuse this is an instance to consult a professional and come up with a plan. 


We often think our children will come to us with anything, but sometimes that’s not the case. As we loosen the reins and our children grow up, they experience things that parents are not always subject to. If your child has experienced a trauma that is affecting their mood, activity, etc it is important to consult a professional and come up with coping mechanisms to help your teen move forward. 

Pre-teen years are tricky and at times awkward to navigate. As you are watching your child grow up before your eyes, if the road gets bumpy and you need some help along the way a mental healthcare professional is always a fantastic resource. These experts are trained to help your teen navigate their feelings, emotions, and issues to become the best version of themselves! Here at Audacious Therapy, we specialize in counseling for kids and adolescents. Let’s connect in a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit. Just click here to begin.