Teaching Kids Empathy & Mindfulness

It is every parent’s goal to raise a child that is empathetic and mindful of themselves, their surroundings, and others. Empathy and mindfulness are characteristics that can be taught at a young age and carried far into adulthood. We often as adults think of how to be mindful and empathetic of our surroundings, our coworkers, etc but oftentimes compassion and empathy can start right at home with your child.

Emotional Literacy 

Empathy and mindfulness are a work in progress. Children, though innocent in nature, have to be taught these skills so they can continue to improve upon them. One way to help your child be empathetic and mindful is through emotional literacy. Emotional literacy is a tool to help one identify and communicate feelings. The key to properly using emotional literacy is to keep it simple. By naming and communicating your feelings you can identify the needs that have been met and unmet. For example, when your child is sad, teaching them emotional literacy by having them communicate “I am sad” will allow them to identify their feelings and effectively communicate those feelings. 

Emotional literacy is a crucial development in childhood that allows children to not only identify their own feelings but recognize others feelings as well. 

Talk With Perspective

How we communicate with our children plays a part in how they identify and communicate their feelings. When talking to your child, using perspective talking is a great technique to help them associate their thoughts and feelings and in turn be able to recognize others thoughts and feelings. 

For example, asking your child “How do you think that makes them feel” will allow your child to explore the result of their actions and reflect on these results as opposed to being condoned or condemned. Using your child’s own experiences and feelings will allow them to understand how their feelings relate to others.

If you want a constructive environment to help enable your child to learn different ways to display empathy and mindfulness Audacious Therapy is here for you. At Audacious Therapy our goal is to help you or your child find your way towards being your best self. By using techniques like play therapy, clinical supervision, and child counseling we are equipped to teach your child the proper techniques to empower themselves . If you are seeking an encouraging and safe environment for your child, book a consultation online!